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Import of fresh fruit and vegetable from Poland

About us

ANATT Company Ltd. imports fresh fruit and vegetable to store chains and wholesales stores with fruit and vegetable. We grow white cabbage, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kale, and root vegetables. As the demand is higher than our

present possibilities in growing those products, we cooperate with partners that grow for us also other products than mentioned above, and therefore we can offer the best prices of products. During the season we supply our customers with a complete assortment of products that are grown in the area where the company has its seat. The products are delivered in HVH and HVM returnable containers or in non-returnable cardboard or wooden boxes depending on our clients requirements.
To insure the high quality of the delivered products a new line for washing returnable plastic containers was installed in March 2006. Capacity of our washing line is 500 containers per an hour.

Goods are delivered by insulated lorries as well as by our transport partners.

Products are stored in the insulated warehouse where atmosphere is controlled for 350 tons.

We use our rental premises for storing approximately 2000 tons of our products, predominantly cabbage and root vegetables. Distribution of our products is realized in the distributory warehouse which is equipped with two insulated boxes with capacity of 200 tons.

The boxes are used for the temporal storing before final distribution. Washing line for returnable containers is also situated in our warehouse. Transportation of our products, their storage as well as their distribution follow the EU requirements.

Time of standard delivery of goods is up to 24 hours. In case of your interest, price offer will be based on sales discount. In 2008 we supplied our customers with more than 19 500 tons of vegetable and fruit.

We welcome you to visit our company Anatt.

We supply apples, pears, plums, apricots and strawberries from our contractor - the association of fruit producers. This season we launched the MSE 2000 GREEFA line for sorting, washing and packaging apples and pears. They are delivered freely or handlaid in returnable HVH and HVM containers or in cardboard boxes.

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